How to add time entries in bulk on the week page?

Know all about adding bulk weekly time entries

  • Click on Tracker followed by the Week option on the next page. By default on the Week page, the current week’s projects worked on, and their respective hours are mentioned in a tabular format.


Note: The total hours of the particular project, total hours worked each day of the particular week and the total hours worked in the week are all mentioned in the table.

Editing time tracking hours

  • Click on any particular hour of any project mentioned and you can type in the updated hours and make the edit for any of the days in the week you have chosen.

Note: Only the projects you worked on that week will be displayed with their respective hours.

Adding a project to the table

  • Click on the ‘+Project & Task' button right below all the project names mentioned, a scroll-down menu with all the project names will appear. You also have a search bar in the scroll-down menu to search any particular project you want to add, then and select the particular project followed by the task associated with it. The following project and task will be added to the ‘Week’ table.


    Pending timesheets of the week

  • The ‘Pending’ option highlighted in red on top of the week table is present on the Week page if any of the weeks have pending timesheets to be approved.

  • Click on the ‘Pending’ option a drop-down screen appears displaying the total project hours (In a graphical format as well) the segregated billable and non-billable hours are also mentioned. All the projects & tasks worked in the particular week are displayed with their respective total hours.


    Viewing other weeks data

  • On the right-hand side above the week table ‘This Week’ is mentioned by default and the current week tracked hours will be displayed. Click on the ‘<’ or ‘>’ buttons next to the ‘This Week’ option and you can switch to the previous week’s tracked hours or the next week’s tracked hours. The date on the left-hand side will keep changing as you click on ‘<’ or ‘>’.

  • Click on the 8 dots present next to the ‘<' button and a pop-up window will appear where you can select a particular date you want to search your tracked hours. You can also click on the ‘<’ or ‘>’ in the pop-up window to switch between months. Click on any particular date and the ‘Week’ table will display the entire week’s data of the particular date.


Creating new timesheets quickly

  • Users can copy the previous week’s Time entries using an option for “Copy last week’s activities” and “Copy last week’s activities and time entries” on the weekly time entry view."


Note: Copy last week are only available when you have an empty timesheet for the selected week.