How to manage your team members and invite new people?

Know all about managing your team members and inviting new people

  • Click on Manage followed by the People option on the next page and a list of users will be mentioned if there are any.

    team list

Inviting team members

  • Click on the ‘+ Invite Members’ button a pop-up screen will appear

  • Fill in the ‘Work Email’ and ‘Name(optional)' of your team members you’d want to invite.

  • Setting up ‘Permission of member’ - On the same pop-up screen, the ‘Permission of member’ is set to default as ‘Regular User’.

  • While sending invites to team members choose what type of ‘Permission of member’ needs to be set. By clicking on ‘Regular User v' a drop menu will appear with options ‘Regular User’ & ‘Administrator’ and choose what permission is granted to the user.


    Note: Regular User - This person can only track time and expenses, and report on their own data. Administrator - This person can see and do everything: track time and expenses, see all reports, manage all projects and people, invoice clients, and edit account settings.

Sending bulk invites

  • In the Invite Person pop-up window click on the ‘+Add another’ button and new blank rows will appear to make it easier to send invites to multiple people. Click on the ' X ‘ button beside any row that you want to delete and it will automatically clear from the window. Click Send after your done and invites will be sent.

Note: When the team members or people have accepted your invite all their names and Email ID will be displayed on the ‘People’ page. Besides the names, the respective titles of ‘Owner’ and ‘Admin’ will be mentioned, the users without any titles are regular users.

To view the Active or Archived ‘People’ list

  • Click on ‘People: Active v’ and you can choose ‘Active’ or ‘Archived’ from the drop-down list to get the list view you desire.


To view people/team member details, Change team member to Admin and also Archive or Remove people/team members

  • Click on a person name/team member name from the ‘People’ list and a pop-window will appear, where you can view team member/person details such as ‘Weekly Summary', ‘Projects’ of the clients they are currently working on also ‘Total Hours’ split into ‘Billable’ & ‘Non-Billable’ hours.
  • You can click on the “: “ icon in the pop-up window choose between the options Change to Admin or Archive (To archive team member from the list) or Delete to remove the particular team member/person.

Note: You can find the ‘:' icon on the people page next to each team member/ person’s name.


Finding people on the list

  • Click on the magnifying glass symbol and type the person/team member’s name on the search bar to find the specific person/team member you are looking for.