How to create new tasks & edit existing tasks?

Know all about creation and management of tasks

  • Click on the Manage option followed by Tasks on the next page. A list of pre-created tasks will be displayed if there are any.

    task list

Creating new tasks

  • Click on the* “ + New task “ button a sub-screen will appear. Fill in the task name within the blank space given.

  • In the following, sub-screen various checkboxes are mentioned i.e

    • “This task is billable by default”

      • The check box is ticked as each new task is considered Billable by default and you can uncheck the box if you want the task to be considered Non-Billable.

        Note: If the checkbox is ticked the dollar symbol '$' will be highlighted with green color on the left-hand side of the task name you have filled in the blank space (noted that it is a billable hour) if the checkbox is unchecked the dollar symbol '$' will be highlighted as grey color (noted that it is a non- billable hour).

    • “This is a common task and should be added to all future projects”

      • If unchecked it will be added to the Other Tasks section on the task page and will not be added to any future projects or any existing projects.
    • “Add this task to all existing projects”

      • The check box under this option if ticked will assign the new task under the Other Tasks sectionand will be added to all the existing projects. If unchecked the newly created task will not be added to any existing projects.
  • Once you have chosen your options click on the ‘Save’ button and it will be saved to either the ‘Common Tasks’ list or ‘Other Tasks’ list according to the options you choose. You will come across similar options while editing a particular task.

    task create

To view the active or archived tasks list

  • Click on ‘Tasks: Active v’ and you can choose ‘Active’ or ‘Archived’ from the drop-down list to get the list view you desire.

To edit, archive, or delete a task

  • Click on the “: “ icon present on the Tasks list beside each task a drop-down list will appear with options Edit, Archive, and Delete.

  • Under the Edit option of Common tasks & Other tasks, you can refer to the same options while creating a new task.

  • The Archive option will archive the task from the task list whereas the Delete option will remove the task from the tasks list.

Expand or Collapse tasks list

  • By default, all tasks under the Common tasks and Other tasks list are expanded. Click on the ‘v’ icon next to the Common tasks word or the Other tasks word to collapse the respective tasks list.

  • Once the list has collapsed, if you want to expand the list click on the '>' icon next to the Common tasks word or the Other tasks word to expand the respective tasks list.

Directly add a task under the common tasks list

  • At the end of the Common tasks list click on the '+ Add Task' a list of options will appear the same as when you create a new task choose according to your preference. Click on the Save button and it will be saved to the list of the common tasks.

Finding a task from the tasks list

  • Click on the magnifying glass symbol and type the task name on the search bar to find the specific task you are looking for.