Importing csv data

How to import data

  1. Go to Settings > Import tab
  2. Click Upload CSV file and select file from your computer
  3. Review how many items will be created and click “Import”
  4. When finished, you’ll get a confirmation message

Column Structure

  • Email
  • Client
  • Project
  • Task
  • Tags (e.g. tag1, tag2, tag3)
  • Comment
  • Billable (e.g. Yes, No, True, False, Y, N)
  • Start date (format: YYYY-MM-DD, e.g. 2022-01-01)
  • Start time (format: HH:MM:SS, e.g. 13:12:12)
  • Duration (format: decimal form, e.g. 7.4, 6.3, 8)

The order of columns isn’t important.

Columns that must have at least one other column:

  • Task – must have Project to attach it to
  • Comment – must have Start date, Start time, Duration
  • Billable – is a task flag only so must have Client, Project

Required CSV format

  • Values need to be comma-separated
  • Columns must have headers in English. Values: Client, Project, Task, Tags
  • Maximum file size is 1 MB
  • UTF-8 encoding


  • File can have a single column or their combination (project column requires at least client column)
  • If an item already exists, it will be skipped during the import. Only items that don’t already exist will be created.
  • You can import only clients, task, or tags by creating a CSV file with a single column.
  • Projects will inherit initial private/public and billable/non-billable status based on New projects are by default workspace settings.
  • When you upload a file, it will be first analyzed. If there’s an error, you’ll get a message and won’t be able to proceed.
  • This feature is available only standard plan. Only admins can import data.